Using the best audio technology ensures we offer the latest quality, cost, size and environmental benefits to our clients. We pride ourselves in being at the cutting edge of audio technology, creating world class results for world class events.

Our renowned experience in providing fully prepared and designed systems ensure that on site set-up time is minimised, leaving on site engineers to deal with the needs of the event and client rather than the demands of equipment. Our equipment choices offers our clients technology with tangible benefits. Our high standards make us an audio centre of excellence and the go to audio supplier if you want perfect audio solutions.


Our sound design & pre-production skills enable you to confidently offer your client all they need - from a technical sound design to an orchestral score, or simple voice overs, we have designers that meet your needs and we also enjoy integrating with your content creators to ensure seamless design results.

We offer the latest in creative audio design solutions such as d&b Soundscape for creating dynamic audio canvasses.

We often work on projects out of Europe or in difficult locations, and are happy shipping the clever technology and working with local suppliers to ensure that equipment and crew meet our high standards.

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