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Shure Axient Digital

We're pleased to be one of the UK's premier stockists of Shure Axient Digital radio microphones - with over 90 channels and counting. We've made a commitment to the best radio microphone system on the market, with class leading reliability, features and audio quality.

We stock a wide range of Axient products ( AD1, ADX1M, AD2, ADX2, AD4D, AD4Q, ADX5D, AD610, AD600 ), including the AD600 spectrum manager, and ADX5D dual camera receiver, plus accessories such as the AD651 B-switch fob

Incorporating the most innovative wireless audio technology in the world, Axient Digital is engineered from the ground up for the flawless execution of your event.

In a world where the radio spectrum is increasingly under pressure from new exciting technological advances, Axient Digital has the technology to work with these devices to ensure audio quality.

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