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Wella - Trend Vision - Powered By Humans

Each year, Wella challenges hairdressers to compete in its annual Trend Vision competition at the Roundhouse in London. Designed to be a platform for stylists to showcase their mastery, talent and inspiration.


For the 9th year running, Audio Alliance were commissioned to provide audio and communications by agency Powered By Humans.


Our sound design used Alcons Audio loudspeakers, both line array and point source arrays, providing a solution with low visual impact, high definition and high sound pressure levels. The demanding structure of the show 

provides a wide range of audio and staging challenges, with stylist shows involving live choirs, string quartets and live bands all within condensed high impact stylist segments.


Talkback used our ethernet based intercom, over 50 stations and wireless packs, with audio, data and talkback connected using our unified fibre solution.

Audio Alliance Wella TVA 2019
Audio Alliance Wella TVA
Audio Alliance Wella TVA
Audio Alliance Wella TVA
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